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What is Edwardsville Robotics?

Edwardsville Robotics is a robotics program offered to 5th -12th graders in the Edwardsville and surrounding areas through team structures. Currently Edwardsville Robotics offers two team programs through FIRST (FRC – FIRST Robotics Competition & FLL – FIRST LEGO League) teams. The program is designed to develop skills in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM).















When will it all start?

Each team level has their own competition season time. FLL kicks off in August and lasts into early winter. FRC meets year round (summer to spring is a full season for the team with most of the concentration on the competition season being January - April.


In addition, various workshops may be available in the off season. Each team has their own individualized schedule, but generally expect to meet 1-3 times a week during competition season for FLL. FRC has a more detailed schedule during competition. It can be found at:


Which level is right for my child and how will they be placed on a team?

FLL students are placed on teams according to their eligibility based on team level. After that they are evaluated by Edwardsville Robotics based on each teams current needs. Not all teams are structured the same.  Any inquiries after August 1st will likely be placed on a team the following year based on team openings.


Edwardsville Robotics, while following the FIRST age requirement guidelines, reserves the right to limit the ages for FLL to 5th (age 10+) - 8th graders and FRC to 9th-12th graders (the student must be at least 14 in order to join the team based on facility guidelines).


We ask that you DO NOT contact coaches separately from Edwardsville Robotics. Our coaches are gracious enough to volunteer their time and we do not want them to have to deal with wait list inquiries. Team visits should be scheduled through the club to keep distractions to a minimum during practices. 


Where will it happen?

Each team has their own meeting their own meeting schedule. All team meetings will be held at the Lewis and Clark NO Nelson Campus, Room N4 119 located in Edwardsville, IL.


How will this organization be funded and how much will it take to run it?

All members will pay a student fee to cover some of the costs while sponsorship, local business partnering, and fundraising will help round out the budget. The 2019 season cost for FLL is $300. The 2019-20 season cost for FRC is $600. These fees will be used to cover costs that include, but are not limited to, facility rental fees, robots, robot parts, team shirts, supplies, tools, insurance, administrative costs and other needs to run the teams and club. Additional fees may apply for teams who participate in additional activities, such as off season meetings and workshops. Additional fundraising is expected for the FRC level.


How often do teams practice?

The normal practice schedule during competition season is 1 to 2 days a week for FLL August - November and five plus days a week for FRC in January - March. Thereafter, the schedule is reduced based on the teams' off season activities. FLL teams do not meet in the spring as teams; however some years there may be additional workshops available.


Interested in joining?

Visit our CONTACT page.


Board Members:

Shane D. Smith, President

Rande T. Johnson, Vice President

Carrie S. Smith, Secretary and Co-Treasurer

Noelle M. Norris, Co-Treasurer

Karen Johnson, Marketing and Promotions

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